Merkon Precast Wall


Precast wall concrete is manufactured in the factory under conditions of quality control and manufacturing methods and technology. It is not transferred to the site until after it has fully hardened and reached the required resistance. There are many facilities made of precast concrete and the facility consists of many separate parts that are cast away from the site. Transporting it to the site, assembling it, and constructing it there. Precast concrete, like conventional concrete, has regular, reinforced, and prestressed concrete.

These kinds of molds are designed and manufactured according to the design of prefabricated parts. These molds are usually made for surfaces with irregular shapes, curves, and non-right angles. Prefabricated formwork is used in many cases, so the design of these types of formworks must consider the repeatability, concrete, and transportation conditions when designing these molds.

Why Precast wall?

  • Economical due to its low cost
  • Easy transportation and installation by a truck equipped.
  • It keeps the cleanliness of the site and there are no residues after installation, and it is easy to move inside the site safely and quickly.
  • Keeps the air conditioning cool inside the house and vice versa in winter, which saves electricity consumption.
  • Significantly reduce the sound transmission between floors due to the cylindrical voids in the ceilings that make the sound waves unable to move between the floors, which maintains the calm inside the dwelling.
  • Moisture protection in precast walls is of great importance as structural parts are not structurally connected to walls, Sealants are used in joints to prevent moisture from entering the building, and to keep the homogeneity.
  • Precast wall panels can have electrical boxes and molding ducts in the panels, to provide flow-through electrical installations on walls that do not have to be framed.
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