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Glass fiber reinforced concrete products, which have been used frequently in the past half century, are preferred in decorative products and on building facades due to their stylish appearance. The peak in the GRC method, which pushes the boundaries between concrete products in terms of shape thanks to its light and fibrous structure that can be poured into any mold prepared before in multiple production, is again determined by Merkon, the pioneer of technology.

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the Middle East
GRC Experts

GERACIA company, which has carried its applications to the next level by producing GRC products for many years, has determined that it is possible to build with GRC elements produced in molds without the need for any additional system, as a result of the formulations that they have been working on.

As a result of their search for a long time, they decided that the accurate sensitivity and  precise strength required for the realization of this production could be formed by the signature of MERKON and a new Summit has been reached with MERKON, the company of innovations. This project, which is a first for the world, is likely to create many similar ones in the near future.

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