Aerial Hopper Line

Batching Systems

The most suitable method for transporting the mixture prepared in the mixer is the bucket line. in order to reach the desired final product quality it is important for your mixture to not get segregated and lose its form.

The bucket line is among the indispensable elements of a concrete company, not only in straight line movements, but also in rotational or cartesian applications. It will be possible to use the line, which is exposed to dynamic loads all day long, and the wheels that work under weight continuously, if they are produced with the right material and method, for a very long time.

Axis mortar transfer programming for non-stable machinery of concrete production. RF communication applications are preferred for wide area delivery eliminating costs and issues based on power and network requirements.

Two-way opening gate for quick discharge without segregation. Fast delivery of the mixture becomes vital especially when there are multiple feeding stations in a plant.

Runs on a rail mounted on NPI steel with its special wheels, instead of moving in a NPU. By this way structrual durability is maximized, lifetime increased by 5 times.

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