Monoblock Molds


They are molds that are manufactured as a monoblock from high carbon steel without welding. They are produced by evacuating the inside of a monolithic plate with the oxiflame method of the specially manufactured sheet metal in water.

Since computer-controlled production is carried out, it is possible to process it in any way easily and quickly.

In such molds, the required hardness on the surfaces of the rooms where the concrete is filled and compacted is observed up to a depth of 2 millimeters.

Thanks to its weldless structure, weak points due to welding are eliminated. This increases the life and
durability of the molds that will be exposed to very high vibration intensities for a very long time.

Since the cuts are made in water, there is no tension on the
mold. Since we cut our special material with this technique,
cracks at the atomic level are prevented.

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