Bellow/Buffer Press Control


In order to prevent these height differences and to produce perfect products, we have achieved unmatched results and happy customer comments in the applications with rubber wedges or bellows in plate connections.

In addition to flexible connections with air bellows that allow you to obtain ultra-precise surfaces, the accurate production of large-sized sheets is possible with MERKON, with the rubber wedge system that can be easily applied on all kinds of machines.

In cases where the number of products produced increases and the product surface area decreases, the mold will not be exposed to horizontal loads much since it will be having multipoints of pressure. However, when the surface area increases, there may be cases where the concrete will be compressed differently in the mold due to the possible lack of homogeneity in it. This situation will cause height differences in the output products rather than the pressure it will make on the mold, which is a situation that will be directly related to the quality of the product.

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