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Merkon Insulated Precast Double Wall

Double Walls are manufactured in factory, delivered and assembled at site, and concrete is poured beneath them to make a solid finishing. This provides a monolithic total section.

Merkon Precast Sleepers Factory

The road superstructure material laid under the rail, which spreads the loads on the train rails to a wider surface, transmits them to the ballast, determines and protects the clarity of the road and keeps the road on its axis against side effects are called as sleepers. The following features are sought in the sleepers used on the railways; It is suitable against abrasion, breakage, crushing and external effects, elasticity, determination of rails and cost.

Merkon 2D & 3D Factory

Battery molds can be supplied as single with one discharging section, or as double batteries with discharging sections at each side of fixed center. Steel plate ensures high durability and smooth surfaced quality units. A set of vibrators are planted for compression of concrete.

Three dimensional molds can bring various solutions having different levels of automation. This technique is useful for production of roof or ceiling and similar wall units. The cell is conic shaped for releasing, hydraulic or mechanic. Used commonly for prefabricated baths, elevator shafts, electric substations, water tanks and whole blocks of chambers and garages. All molds can be equipped with concrete vibrators and heaters for faster curing.

Upcoming Projects

Merkon Lightweight Precast Concrete Factory

Merkon Precast Fiber Cement Factory